"You can call me TJ. Unless you are older than me, then you should call me Sonne!"

Gaertner system

I first saw TJ do his thing at the Midwestern Conference of The Society for Photographic Education in 1978 . This encounter is chronicled in a Windows Movie Maker Movie made as a grad school project for TIE (Technology in Education) 585AC, Digital Storytelling. The topic for everyone's project was "The Day That Changed My Life". So click here to download mine, as TJ plays a major part in it.

Here is a pdf Slide Show of images in my archives of TJ, taken by Hans Bjelkhagen, Mark Diamond, Ken Dunkley, Gaertner Scientific, Joan Hackett, Modern Maturity, Carlos Vertanessian, and myself.

This is a link to a movie made by Encyclopedia Britannica which TJ like better than the Veteran's Adminsitration one, as "I didn't have to act, only demonstrate."

Here is a redaction of my eulogy of him at the Tung Hon Jeong Memorial at Lake Forest College on behalf of the holographic community, on July 18th, 2015.

"If you're going to go 3-D, why not go 360!" Here is the paper that put TJ on Mt. Holympus, a simple single beam transmission cylindrical hologram.

An article appearing in TV Guide predicting 3-D TV might be considered embarassing almost 50 years later.

TJ and David Wender were partners in International Holographics, and here is a trifold brochure from them.

A personality profile of him written by Lewis Kontnik for holosphere, the advocate of holographic art, science, and technology.

Here is a paper written with Hans Bjelkhagen about color holograms recorded at Lake Forest College.

Another personality profile of him written by Rebecca Deem for the Newsletter of the SPIE Holography Working Group

Here is one of his last papers, ever the educator through and through.

Here are some papers I was fortunate to be included as a co-author. Usually he did the heay math lifting, and I got to run the proof of existence experiments!

"Coherence Length and Holography", with T. Jeong, Q. Feng, and Z. Qu, Proceedings of the SPIE, Vol. 1396, 1990.

"Progress in True Color Holography", with T. Jeong, Proceedings of the SPIE, Vol. 1211, 1990.

"HOE for Holography", with T. Jeong, Proceedings of the First International Congress on Holography, Varna, Bulgaria, 1989.

Here are some papers where he is mentioned.

"Demonstration Of A Large-Size Real-Time Full-Color Three-Dimensional Display", Xinzhu Sang, Frank C. Fan, C. C. Jiang, Sam Choi, Wenhua Dou, Chongxiu Yu, and Daxiong Xu, December 15, 2009 / Vol. 34, No. 24 / OPTICS LETTERS p.3803

"The Doctor Is In", Chris Chiaverina, THE PHYSICS TEACHER, Vol. 41, May 2003

TJ starred in 2 movies, the 1st one, Holography: A Window to the Future was for the Veterans' Administration in1969, and the Introduction to Holography was for Encyclopedia Britannica in 1972. He liked the latter better, as he said "I didn't have to act in that one, only demonstrate." They are both fun to watch, timeless demonstrations, and the earlier one is a real hoot as you get to see the Lake Forest College campus and students as they were a half a century ago! Both the above links go to the LFC web site.

TJ's son Alec runs the family holography business now, Integraf, your #1 place to shop to get started in making your own holograms.

Brand new, old stock of TJ's "A Study Guide on Holography (Draft)" from 1975 are available here, and a set of proceedings he edited from the International Symposia on Display Holography are here.