The advocate, etc.

Ed Wesly's holosphere ARTICLES

My first appearance in "the advocate of holographic, science, technology and art" (published by the Museum of Holography in New York) was in Volume 12, Number 5, Fall 1983 Update From Chicago, about the nascent Chicago Holographic Cooperative.

The CHC's show is described in Volume 13, Number 1, Fall 1984/Winter 1985, Chicago hosts juried exhibition.

A major 4 page article on SPIE in Los Angeles appeared in Volume 13, Number 2, Spring 1985.

When Graham Saxby was on holiday, I got to host the DPBI (Department of Partly Baked Ideas), the topic being copying CD's holographically, Volume 15, Number 1, Spring 1987.

A look "Inside JK Lasers" appeared in Volume 15, Number 2, Summer 1987. A review about my one-man show, "Recent Pulsed Stuff and Other Delights" appeared there, also. Links

I gained the title Technical Editor with the Fall 1987 (Volume 15, Number3) issue, and proved I was deserving of the title, with 2 two page articles, one on Antihalation Backings and another on Lake Forest-Holography Workshop II, plus I was alluded to in Tulla Lightfoot's review of Sally Weber'sAlignment. (See first italicized quote in that article.) (Being bumped up to Technical Editor from Contributing Writer did not mean I got a bump in pay, as I never got paid for any of these articles!)

A couple more technical articles appeared in the Winter/Spring 1988 issue, a stellar two-pager on Nils Abramson's "Single-Pulse 'Light in Flight' Holography", and holographic endoscopy in "A Dog's Life". A correction to the Lake Forest-Holography Workshop II article was presented, plus an angry letter from Andre Gabor, brother of Dennis Gabor, the inventor of holography, and T. Edward Alibone, colleague of Dr. Gabor, regarding my "Recent Pulsed Stuff and Other Delights" show. Link

Summer of 1989, Volume 16 Numbers 2-3 saw a short blurb about Denisyuk Visits Lake Forest College on his whirlwind tour of the states, where a most charming portrait of him was taken. Link

Dr. Tung Jeong and I were co-authors for True Color Holography on DuPont Photopolymer Material which appeared in the Focus Issue on: "FULL COLOR" HOLOGRAPHY, (Fall 1989, Volume 16, No.4) wherein TJ offers his heuristic definition of color holography. The beam-combining HOE was shown at work on the cover of Laser Focus World, July 1989. link