The Big Beam

Project 1a: In-line "Gabor" type holograms

Project 1b: Off-Axis Holograms

Project 2: Single Beam Transmission Deep Scene

Project 3: Division of Amplitude

Project 4: Pseudo-Achromat Transfer

Project 5: Cylindrical Hologram

Project 6: Single Beam Reflection Hologram

Project 7: Image Plane Reflection Hologram

Bonus Project 1: Diffraction Gratings

Bonus Project 2: Holoroids

Caution: This is the Beta version, launched October 2016, and I hope to finish this labor of love before I kick the bucket!

Another caveat: in some fo the classroom handouts, especially those from The School of the Art Institute, the diagram of the set up is blank, as the students were to sketch the set up on the table into their handout, which helps them remember what to do! Maybe I'll draw the set up and re-scan the handouts, one of these days!

ransom note Newport!

Here are the original printed versions of the 7 Single Beam Projects.

Proceedings of the 1985 International Symposium on Display Holography

Practical Holography, SPIE Proceedings 615, January 1986

Creative Camera and Darkroom Techniques, Summer 1986