TEXTBOOK READING: I never got to this chapter which has some interesting facts and paradoxes, and section 15.4 is about lasers, which are essential for holography, and wonderful devices on their own. So this gallery has the classroom handouts dealing with lasers, and if you want even more laser stuff, go to the Laser Wing of this Museum. Pages 394-427.

Click on the titles below to open a new window of text to supplement the book, gleaned from a variety of sources, some even written by yours truly. They are presented in the order in which they would be introduced in the class lecture.

WHAT IS A LASER: A classic explanation, courtesy of T. Kallard

LASER GUTS: Another explanation regarding the most ubiquitous of the gas lasers, the Helium-Neon, as provided by the world's most popular manufacturer.

INSIDE JK LASERS: The Rolls-Royce descendent of the first operating laser, provided by holosphere, the advocate of holographic art, science and technology, authored by yours truly.

LASER SPECIFICATIONS: What all the terms mean.

LASER APPLICATIONS: Some of the money-making applications of "the solution looking for a problem" as lasers were once called.

UPC: The theory behind one of the most common applications

CD GUTS: Or is this the most common?

LASER CHRONOLOGY: When all the important ones were invented over the last 50+ years.

For even more laser fun, link to the Laser Museum on this site.

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