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The Optical Devices and Demonstrations Museum showcases items utilized in the Physics of Light Class at HCD. I literally cart a ton of stuff every semester from my basement Prep Room to the Hallowed Halls of Harrington (and previously the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia College, and anyplace else in the future who is intelligent enough to hire me!).

Sometimes no captions are given for the images of some of the demos, as it is for the student to recall what they had seen in front of their eyes in class.  (For those not fortunate enough to be in the class, rolling over them will often give up the captions.)

The objects in these Galleries are arranged according to the topics in the chapters in the book, Seeing the Light which is the textbook for PHY 201 at HCD, and not a bad buy for anyone else interested in just about everything in optics and easy on the math.  We usually don’t get around to every chapter in a 15-week semester.  Sometimes there are pictures of demonstrations that may not have had enough time for or have disappeared.  It is not meant to be a comprehensive listing of all optics demos, just the ones from the class.

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Chapter Five
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Chapter Nine
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Chapter Thirteen

Hopefully will catch up with all the chapters by the end of the semester!

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