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Exhilarated by my 15 Minutes of Fame thanks to my junk lasers having been featured in the Chicago Reader, it seems like a good idea to elaborate on my collection.

The exhibit is arranged in ascending order of the lasers I have acquired or worked with over the years in the field of holography. However I have not had the time to finish these exhibits, dear viewer. But the other 3 museums do have some very cool stuff!

Metrologic ML-820,  2 mW @ 633 nm He-Ne
Melles Griot LHP-171,  7 mW @ 633 nm He-Ne
Spectra-Physics 120a,   5mW @ 633 nm He-Ne

Still In Use:
Lumonics/JK Lasers HLS-2 Ruby, 1 Joule @ 694 nm
Coherent Compass 315-M 100 mW @ 532 nm DPSS Nd:YAG
Uniphase 1145P, 20 mW @ 633nm He-Ne
Melles Griot BLD-605, 400 mW @ 458 nm DPSS Vanadate
Lasos, 200 mW @ 640 nm DPSS

Lake Forest College Lasers
Apollo Ruby, 50 mJ @ 694 Ruby
Coherent CR-2, 2 W @ Argon wavelengths
Spectra-Physics 166, 5 W @ Argon wavelengths
Coherent 1 W @ Krypton wavlengths (The LaserSmith's laser)
Spectra-Physics 120, 5 mW @ 633 nm He-Ne
Spectra-Physics 124a, 15 mW @ 633 nm He-Ne
Spectra-Physics 125, 50 mW @ 633 nm He-Ne
Spectra-Physics 125a, 50 mW @ 633 nm He-Ne

The HOLOGRAPHY WING's inaugural exhibition opens with a Time Line of Gallery 1134.

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