A Holographic Who's Who:
One doesn't know the players without a scorecard, and here they are, as I know them through their interactions with me. Not everyone I have encountered is here, some people might be upset that they are not mentioned, while others could be upset because they might not like what I have to say, but the way you treated me does have its consequences, especially when the truth hurts.

ABRAMSON, NILS: One of holography's great inventors, giving us Light-In-Flight and Sandwich Holograms.

BENTON, STEPHEN: The inventor of the white light transmission hologram, or rainbow hologram, or as he liked to hear it, the Benton hologram.

BILLINGS, LOREN: One of the founders of Gallery 1134

BILLINGS, ROBERT, AKA The BOBSTER:The Devil Incarnate, unfortunately Loren's husband, the 2nd founder of Gallery 1134.


CAMPOLI, COSMO: His Spumoni Village may have been the catalyst for Loren Billingsto change the direction of her Gallery. He also had the brilliant idea of shaping a piece of holographic film into a cone to record whatever was underneath it.

CRENSHAW, MELISSA: Fell in love with her over the sand tables in Holo I, which was the 2nd biggest mistake of my life.

CROSS, LLOYD: One of the founding fathers of the San Francisco holo scene, a very merry prankster.

CVETKOVICH, TOM: Was also there at the beginning,helping with the premiere exhibition of holograms, but became Public Enemy #2 when he partnered up with LaserSmith.

DENISYUK, YURI:The Russian Inventor of holography.

GENERAL, JOHN: One of the last full time holographers there, oblivious to all the scandal.

GnXperts: The Russian con artists who swindled Loren out of her building.

HEREDIA, VICTOR: Was there at the beginning of Gallery 1134, helped clear out the remains of the former casket factory and built most of the infrastructure and equipment, but never got to make the art he wanted to do on account of the machinations of Johnny H.

HOFFMANN, JOHN: (aka Johnny H.) Loren's Billings #1 holographic son, who considered himself the reincarnation of Marcel DuChamp, a con artist who eventually led the Russian con team, the GnXperts, to Loren Billings to bilk her out of the Gallery 1134 building.

JEONG, TUNG (TJ): Witnessing him make 2 holograms at a photography teachers convention started me on the road to ruin.

LIEBERMAN, LARRY AND PEGGY : Urged by TJ to join the staff, they left within 6 months.

MacSHANE, JAMES E.:The man with the cartoon voice, with a heart of gold, but shit for brains.

ORNELAS, AL:The 3rd founder of Gallery 1134, and unfortunately the 3rd corner in its insane love triangle.

SEYMOUR, JON: A loser who was going to use the holograms he bought from Hayden to set up his own Museum of Light & Design, but lost most everything.

SMITH, STEVE: (aka The LaserSmith) He became Public Enemy #1 when he became the competition.

TAMSSOT, MOSHE: What can I say but read on.

WESLY, ED: Yours truly..