I first met Larry and Margaret aka Peggy (why is the nickname for Margaret Peggy?) Lieberman when they were first visitng and doing a feasibility study on working at Gallery 1134.  John ushered them into the classroom, and I got a quick look at them, and didn't see them again until I started working there.  I think that I was helping out with the Holo I class which followed mine, in preparation for eventually working at Gallery 1134.

Buying weed at the Pot-o-matic.  Best weed he ever had was called "crypto".

Multiplex of sculptor called Kineto.

Everybody over at their house in Wicker Park, then John and Victor leaving, me and Larry just ragging them and Loren and Bob.

Sneaking into their lab when they were home at their last day at Gallery 1134.

Visiting them in Columbus, sprouts in refrigerator, Peggy commenting on how good I looked losing weight.

Fire in Ohio.

Their messy divorce; Peggy smoking cigarettes and drinking beer and getting fat.

Matt Schrieber talking about Tim, the guy who actually did everything.

Larry at LFC every summer almost.

His history of Multiplex slides had great picture of Sharon MacCormack with wire rims and granny gown.

Learned holography at Lloyd Cross's, setting up printer in same room with Fred Unterseher.

Sue Hill had him (in a carnal way, perhaps?) in Chi to give talk with coddlers; I had the French-Canadian girl(?)  (Some girl, I forgot, but I think it was her.  But whoever it was I didn't bop her.) with me.  Elliot giving me competition.

Saw the whole thing with Russian girl.  Noticed a sore on my lip.

Claimed Nancy Gorglione jumped on him.

Georgette and me going to dinner with him and Benton at the Spot.

Matt Schreiber pulling a coup on Larry.

Possibly working with Ron Wood, but it never came off.

Getting duped by McNulty, then wising up.

His photos and paintings in Columbus house.