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"Moshe rhymes with OSHA, and that can't be good."


I first became aware of Moshe from Hayden Connor, the gentleman who bought 1134 West Washington Boulevard solely to flip it. I had met first talked to Hayden in the summer of 2013, then got his Cook's Tour with Bob Hess and Victor Heredia, and when Hayden sprang the news on me that he needed my help when he was leaving the building, he warned me that there was another charactore involved. And to watch my step. I thought, Gee, nobody could be worse than those who had previously inhabited these halls. But as it turns out, Moshe would have made himself right at home in this 1134 upside down world.

Moshe's most audacious act, and one that made my heart skip a beat, was when he reinstated himself as the head poobah of the Fine Arts Research and Holographic Center with the Secretary of State of Illinois. He was excited to announce on August 17th, 2015, that he has "successfully resurrected the ORIGINAL Museum of Holography, Not-For-Profit, corporate entity. Long live the Museum of Holography!" (from slack.com) He can claim being the president of the board since 2008, as he paid the fees to the Secretary of State of Illinois from the last time Loren did to the present.

Cyber Moshe

His first act as Acting President is to shake people down for "his" assets.

Kiss my assets!

I thought for a stoned paranoid moment that he could possibly legally come after me and all the goodies I had excavated from the bowels of 1134! But thanks to Jon Seymour scouring the web, what Moshe had done was illegal! Jon had found a case where someone tried doing exactly the same as Moshe on United Way! (Full article)

You can't do that!

One of the most interesting schemes of two of holography's most diabloical villians, Eduardo Kac, The Bloated Holo-Poet, gave Moshe the School of the Art Institute's Hologgraphy Lab equipment! Here is othe Moshe-Mobile filled to the brim with about $15k of great holo-lab gear, I should knwo, as I was the Director of the Holography Program at the School of the Art Institute, or so my business card said. All that stuff was orders of magnitude better than anything Moshe could have gleaned from the caverns of 1134.

Moshe Mobile

Garage Door

So all that stuff is just sitting in Moshe's garage, since 2018, waiting to be resurrected, as Chicago wants its museum back!

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