The NEW Adventures of Hans and Ed

I have known Hans Bjelkhagen since approximately 1981, when I drove him around downtown Chicago in my trusty 1977 Volkswagen Rabbit which was overdue for a factory recall valve job, blowing out pollution like crazy, but Hans was convinced that it was a Diesel. He was visiting Gallery 1134, aka the Fine Arts Research and Holographic Center, and he and I and Victor Heredia and John Hoffmann were a bunch of kids going out and about the town.

Since that first encounter, I have worked for Hans at FermiLab, Northwestern University, and Holicon. Besides our love of holography, we share some basic political and Bohemian and automotive beliefs. So on the rare occasions when Hans is cribbing at my holographic crash pad we always have a good time.

When I get around to writing my memoirs, some of our legendary escapades will be examined in the old adventures of Hans and Ed. This part of my web site recounts adventures occurring within recent memory. But the picture below is us in our glorious youth.

Who would have thought back then that I would have one of these lasers in my Studio now!


Cold Water Processing, 2011

Green Photopolymers, 2012

More Green Photopolymers, 2013

Book Signing & Salon, 2017

2018 Hansfest Images