No holography was performed on this trip, as there were other projects on the table that needed immediate attention. But there was one heck of a party! s

And salon! Holograms on display were "Dewa" by Rudie Berkhout, brought by Jon Seymour; a small version of Paula Dawson's "To Absent Friends" from the collection of Mark Holzbach, Fred Needham's Octagon, Rob Taylor's portraits, and others by Holicon Corp, a couple of caves in a box by John Klayer, Star Wars Holograms by Zebra and on vinyl and of course a "Man on the Motorcycle. Plus a bunch of dichromate door prizes. And the sun was cooperating with a bunch of rainbows from some window mounted HOE's!

Click here for an pdf Slide Show of the party on Sunday, February 5th, featuring photographs taken by Alan Frohlichstein.

Here is a 360 degree view of the "Lecture Hall", taken by Rob Taylor's incredible 360 degree camera, and here is another 360 degree view taken by Rob showing off the Studio with the Laser Oscilloscope and Photon Wallpaper.

A splendid time was had by all!