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The Photography Museum of the Studio of E. Wesly & Sons does not pretend to run with the big dogs like the George Eastman House or the Library of Congress, and is not even in the league of The American Museum of Photography (which is mainly the collection of my photo-history instructor at the University of Illinois, Wm. B. Becker).  And I only can wish for the expendable income to indulge in the delights of the on-line auctions at! (Much of his stuff is reasonably priced! The items are well photographed, and I make liberal use of them in the classroom lectures, which is OK with Mr. Ginn, as long as I let you know where I got them.)

It is a catalog of the show and tell items as used in the class I teach at Harrington College of Design, HST 118, History of Photographic Technology.  This is no grand repository, just images and cameras and equipment that I own, nothing fancy, stuff that comes my way to be used as a teaching tool.  The student can become a bit more intimate with the specimen with a little history of why they are relevant to HST 118 and what to do with one if one is unearthed, including more details than the class has time for.

Era I: Daguerreotypes and Talbotypes

Nineteenth Century Daguerreotypes in the Collection
Twenty-first Century Daguerreotypes by E. Wesly
Photogenic Drawings by E. Wesly
Era II: Wet Plate Collodion
Wet Plate Collodion Specimens in the Collection
Era III: Gelatine Dry Plate
Cyanotypes by E. Wesly
Gum Bichromates by E. Wesly
Gelatin-Silver Prints by E. Wesly
Era X: Holography
Holograms by E. Wesly

More Galleries opening the next time I teach this class.

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