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I was awarded Summer Release Time in 2012 so that Harrington College of Design’s Digital Photography Department could have bragging rights to a History of Photographic Technology teacher that not only talks about and shows daguerreotypes but has even made them!  To make the plot all the more insane, when I was mad-rap pitching the plot to my boss to pick up the tuition, I sweetened up the deal by volunteering to drive out to Montana on my fly BMW R1100R to make a 19th century image of a 21st century machine!

The Daguerreotype Workshop was taught by Jerry Spagnoli, Ace Daguerreotypist in any era, at Workshops in Montana, hosted by Photographers' Formulary. Click here to see a YouTube of the event.

To see the daguerreotypes, click here. To read about the adventures on the trip, click here.

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