The venerable Seven Single Beam Projects were published in 4 different forms. Here they are.

Proceedings of the 1985 International Symposium on Display Holography

Practical Holography, SPIE Proceedings 615, January 1986

Creative Camera and Darkroom Techniques, Summer 1986

Seven Single Beam Projects on the Web, Fall 2016 to present

Hard to believe that these articles are over 30 years old! But that does not make them at all irrelevant, as beautiful holograms continue to be made with these techniques!

The top two papers above were written on a typewriter, the third one was professionally type set and published in a photography magazine, and the fourth is the 21st Century Incarnation of them, with all my thoughts illustrated and referenced! Caution: This is the Beta version, launched October 2016, incorporating images and text from the pre-computer era, and I hope to finish this labor of love before I kick the bucket!

Fornicate Newport!