Dramatis Personae:
One can't know the players without a scorecard, and here are some anecdotes of how holography's most dysfunctional family interacted with each other.and the world! Plus it puts faces to the names in the Timelines below.

Timelines of Gallery 1134's History:
After having excavated The Fine Arts Research and Holographic Center, the HOLOGRAPHY MUSEUM of the Home + Studio of E. Wesly & Sons presents a Time Line of Gallery 1134, with a related Time Line devoted to one man's attempts at reviving it.

Galleries of Holograms from the Laboratories of Gallery 1134:
4" by 5" Stock Image Holograms

Embossed Holograms

Gallery of Exhibition Post Cards and Posters:
From the heady anything goes days when Gallery 1134 was an avant-garde stomping ground.

Starting with the switchover to the new medium, Loren's inaugural International Holographic Exhibition, all the way to the bitter end.

Classroom Handouts for the Holo I and II classes:
Written by yours truly.