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The audience for this symposium is anyone who dabbles in the fine art of wavefront reconstruction, from practicing holographers in the arts and sciences, to hobbyists, to entrepreneurs, to collectors, to academicians, to conservators, et al. The goal is to connect holographers who had been to the earlier symposia here with new friends from the social media age. And for the latter to view what does not readily translate to a screen; holographically reconstructed wavefronts. There are over 75 holograms on permanent display in the Tung Hon Jeong Memorial Holography Gallery in the Lillard Science Building, and there will be hundreds more for your viewing pleasure during the event thanks to those brought by the participants, such as works by Rudie Berkhout, Dan Schweitzer, and even one from the lab of Leith and Upatnieks.

1982 Symposium Group Photo
The Anointed Ones

There is exhibition space outside of the auditorium for participants to display their wares, whether it's a new or old art piece, vintage holo boutique trinkets, collectible or usable lasers and other hologram-making equipment, either just for show or for sale. All sales are transacted between buyer and seller, the conference does not take any liability, sales tax, or a percentage of commerce. Either clean out your storage spaces or add to them! Artists! You might be able to pay for your trip if you play your cards right!

I look forward to meeting you here!

Ed Wesly
Conference Organizer
Formerly Lab Manager at the Lake Forest College Holography Workshops

Tung Hon Jeong Memorial Gallery, Reflection Wall, looking north LFCGallery

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