On the first day of any science class that I had ever taught, I would show the classic science class film, "The Powers of Ten" by Ray and Charles Eames. Every 10 seconds the view changes by a factor of 10.  It is heartily recommended that you, the reader, view it also, as it is quite beautiful in concept and well done, for the standards of its day. Find it yourself, as it shows up in a variety of places on-line, bootlegs sometimes without the soundtrack and narration.  You mihgt be able to find a copy of the DVD's of the Films and Charles and Ray Eames at your local library, so you can check out their other films, which are also very interesting.  I showed this one to a visiting scholar at Lake Forest College from China, and he was flabbergasted with disbelief, exclaiming, "that film cannot be true!" I asked him why he thought that, and he replied, "No camera can do that!"

The ROUGH DRAFT FOR THE POWERS OF TEN are the notes that students should have been taking during the movie, if the room were not so dark. It's called a rough draft as I had a goal to illustrate it, but my teaching career got cut short before I could do so. Some of the examples of objects at a particular scale were included with a particular emphasis for photo and holo students.

TINY METRICS shows how each of the prefixes for the negative powers of ten grow out of the markings on a ruler.

The metric prefixes can be applied to any quantifiable concept, and METRIC TIME compares fractional, decimal, and metric measures of times less than one second.

The RECIPROCAL RELATIONSHIP of FREQUENCY AND PERIOD answers the question often asked, "If you know how often something occurs in a second, how long does each event take?"

METRIC MIRTH 1 and 2 are quite punny.

It amazes me that the United States of America is practically the only non-metric speaking country in the world!  One would think that a measuring system based on the circumference of the planet would be embraced by those of earth-oriented green-thinking persuasion.  But no one rallies around that cause.

But I do ask politicians, if I run into them pressing the flesh during election season, what they are doing to make the metric system the official measuring stick of the State of Illinois, for instance.  Usually they don't know what I'm talking about.   But if I were ever to get to ask President Trump a single question, I would amend that to "When are you going to abolish the metric system?"