This paper was written while I worked at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Hans Bjelkhagen and I were working in the Bio-Medical Engineering Department, and we had a grant to make a holographic endoscopic, to make images inside a living person, and then look at the hologram under a microscope instead of doing a messy biopsy.

Click here to catch the pdf of the paper.

Holographic endoscopy did not become a standard medical procedure, as this paper promised, but the best outcome of this research grant as far as holography is concerned was my discovery of the best developer for pulsed laser recording, the classic SM-6.

I will post some other pictures of the lab and the experimental set up when I find them! Until then, this picture of Hans and myself with the JK HLS-1 Ruby Laser will have to suffice.

Hans and Ed at NU

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