This device was intended to mass produce holograms like a Xerox copier, with either objects or master holograms placed on its platen. Powered by a JK Lasers System 2000 variation, loaded with HoloPar film produced by Ilford, Inc., it was going to be a holographic game-changer. Unfortunately no one sat down to play, and it seems that all the Holocopier machines have been dismantled. The whereabouts of 2 of the lasers from these units are known; one is owned by Rick Bruck, the other by Tommy Johnson.


An article on "Holography in military training" in the August 1985 issue of Military Technology is the source of the above image, along with a view of its innards, along with some other holographic mass production dmachines and their military application.

AUTOMATED HOLOGRAPHIC MASS PRODUCTION, Simon Brown, Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 615, p.46, January, 1986, describes the device in a scholarly manner.