I taught Beginning Holography in the Spring of 1986, and then both Beginning and Advanced Holography there from Fall of 1988 to Summer of 1997. Here are some nuggets from there, in this beta edition.

"Inside-Out Engineering: Characterizing the Holographic Stereogram Printer at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago", Proceedings of the SPIE, 1997. This paper describes in detail the last incarnation of the Studio that I put together with the help of Matt Schreiber, Jesus Lopez, Kurt Lawson, and Danny Miller, which is illustrated below.

HOLOGRAPHY STUDIO B013, a pdf Slide Show, mainly of pictures taken by Scott Lloyd when he visited to interview me for his Ph.D thesis in 1996, scanned and captioned by me recently. Opens in new window.

INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR THE HOLOGRAPHY STUDIO AT SAIC, a self-published book that showed students how to use all the items in the lab in useful set ups.

More to come! I need to scan all the slides I have of student artwork and post them, and if the reader has anything to contribute along those lines, or shots of previous incarnations of the lab, please contact me at eweslystudio at gmail dot com, or friend Eddie Wiercioch on Facebook.

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