An early draft

A through Z

When I taught the Holography Classes at the School of the Art Institue of Chicago, I would show the classes slides that I had made of practically every artist of note in that day and age, the slides being shot of images in books or from the actual holograms as I had witnessed them in exhibitions.

Recently I had to give a presentation on holography at the Photography Department at the Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago, and used my slide digitizing device to convert many of these slides for my PowerPoint presentation. To amortize that time, I decided to use those images along with some fresh scans for a Gallery trip through the past, images of Holography's Greatest Hits in the art domain.

This is a Beta posting, so there are some very rough spots here. Links to artists are functioning if they are underlined in blue. It might take a while before all are active.

Berkhout, Rudie

Crenshaw, Melissa

Dinsmore, Sydney

Moree, Sam

Dawson, Paula

Schweitzer, Dan

Tyler, Doug

Weber, Sally

Wesly, Ed