Of all the companies supplying recording materials to the holographic trade, DuPont is the oldest, with its roots in the 19th century, 1802 to be precise, having started as a gunpowder mill. See Wikipedia or duPont's own history site for the gorey details. But it was not until the 1910's they became involved in the photographic industry, first inventing and supplying clear plastic film stocks, then coating them with emulsion.

I do remember printing in the high school darkroom using DuPont VariGam photographic paper, but never came across any film from them that fit my Argus C-3. A few decades later I was shooting holograms on their Holographic Recording Film.

There is still a lot of this material unused in the field, and this page should help any holographers who come across a cache of this. But beware, this stuff does not have a long shelf life. To see if there is any life left in it, just snip a piece off the roll and see if there is any tint to it. If it looks clear, then the photo-initiator has flown the coop, and the material is dead.

Here are a variety of DuPont's leaflets and other communiques, pertaining to the HRF line of products through the years.

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PROCESSING INFORMATION SHEET, Omnidex 352, October, 1991.



PROCESSING INFORMATION SHEET, Omnidex GA-1 Color Tuning Film, April 1990.

MATERIAL DATA SAFETY SHEET, for almost all of the HRF family, August 1990.

MATERIAL DATA SAFETY SHEET, for Omnidex 352 in particular, March 1990.

HUGHES POWER PRODUCTS Open Edition Holographic Prints, 1996.

A selection of Du Pont packaging through the ages.

Here are a few stock images mass-produced on DuPont photopolymers:

For the sticker market, late 1990's (not sure to whom to attribute therese to):


A Bud by Bob Hess, ca.1996

True color!

The following three were replicated by Hughes Power Products from originations by Ron and Bernadette Olson, ca. 1996: