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It is surprising that a pharmaceutical company, who gave us aspirin and heroin, has delivered the perfected holographic recording material to the world of wavefront reconstruction. By perfected, it is meant that it delivers high efficiency with low noise, the replay wavelength does not vary much, if at all from recording, is sensitive throughout the visible spectrum, and most intriguingly, it requires no processing after exposure! Simply expose and when the hologram is removed from the set up, the image is visible! (A post exposure to UV or visible light is recommended by the manufacturer to completely polymerize all the monomers in the coating, but that can also be accomplished by leaving the film exposed to laser light until it completely bleaches clear; it cannot be overexposed!) The big drawback is that it needs about 100 times more light than silver halide materials to work that miracle!

Although Bayer invented it, the material is now marketed by Covestro. Full rolls can be bought from them, but those cost kilobucks, so smaller quantities can be obtained from Geola, in sheet film form, or laminated to glass from Liti Holographics.

Here are some early Bayer data sheets.

Here is one from 2018.