Hunt Fuji


In 2006 Fuji Film/Hunt Chemical introduced their High Speed, High Resolution Holographic Film, F HL. It is practically the same thing as Agfa 8E75HD, Harman Technology Red, Slavich PFG-01, etc.

LETTER from John Placko, Product Manager, Holographic Products, that came with a sample of film, which I have yet to try.

SILVER HALIDE HOLOGRAPHIC FILM, Fuji leaflet, assuming 2006 as it came with the above letter.

FUJIFILM SILVER HALIDE HIGH SPEED HIGH RESOLUTION HOLOGRAPHIC FILM F HL, Fuji Leaflet v0106, again 200g assumed, describing the film's characteristics.

PRICE LIST, Fuji Leaflet, February 2006. Wonder if there is any left anywhere?


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