Here is the red laser, single longitudinal mode 200 mW at 640 nm, from Lasos of Germany:

After the output of  the red laser are its shutter, a Uniblitz T132, and the polarization rotating half-wave plate, a vintage Spectra-Physics Model 332:

Courtesy LFC Holo workshops and TJ!

Here is the red and green beam combiner:

Vive CVI!

Here is the green laser, 100 mW at 532 nm out of a Coherent 315-M:

Courtesy LaserSam and Phil!

Here is the green laser’s half-wave plate with rotator:

Made in shops of LFC!

Here is the green laser’s beam shaping optic, and one of the pair of mirrors to steer the green beam into coincidence with the red laser:

Modern Optics Mirror Mount

Here is the green laser’s shutter, another Uniblitz:

Here is the blue laser, a Melles Griot BLD-605, 400 mW at 458 nm:

Blue Laser, Dual Beams

Here are the blue laser’s shutter and beam shaping optic:

Homemade shutter

Here is a pair of mirrors to steer blue beam into coincidence with red and green laser:

Nice damped rods

Here is the beamsplitter/combiner mirror mount, with red and green pass, blue reflector dichroic to combine all three beams into white:

A Semrock item

Here are the lasers and optics with the lids off of their styrofoam boxes.  Notice the pipes and flanges that bring the breadboards up to nominal beam height.

Garage door insulation

More details to follow!