Falling dice captured by a ruby laser!


The JK/Lumonics HLS-2 Ruby laser that came my way from its original owner, Anait, by way of Lake Forest College has recently been resuscitated (March 2017)!

Here are the fruits of the labor, a veritable Rogues Gallery of holographic fiends.

A not very exciting Coherence Length Hologram, unless High Frequency Contouring pops your bubble. (Not a polite thing for the laser to do, but looks cool!)

Moire, moire!

Substituting myself for the coherence bar with my hand behind the reference beam mirror, so it looks like the point source is emanating from my palm, like a Modern Day Prometheus. (March 1st, 2017)

Bringing ruby fire to mankind!

Jason Arthur Dr. Laser Sapan is the subject of this Wiggle Vision rendition of his environmental portrait in my lab. (March 24th, 2017)

It's a Wiggly World! - Devo

Another victim, or better yet, rogue, Weston Morris, a former student of mine at the School of the Art Institute, and fellow father, as his daughter and my sons shared many happy times together! First in annoying Wiggle-Vision,

Heavy metal Devils horns!

Or the old-fashioned side by side if you care to print it out and stick it in your Brewster Stereoscope, or if you don't have one, just cross your eyes! (I know this can be annoying, too!)

Or a Holmes Stereoscope

Speaking of kids, here's Edward the younger:

Edward Frederick Wesly

Looks like I need to take PHO 201, Lighting People, at Harrington all over again! Black and grey guitar, black and grey sportcoat and shirt, black background, no hair light, well, this is all for fun and not for profit, learning how to do it right when the big bucks might possibly come up!

Another buddy who dropped by was John Bannon, another former holography instructor from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  And a super neon sculptor, as evidenced in this postcard of his Transit at the Chicago Transit Authority’s headquarters, which shows the same bunch of neon tubes.  Seen from below they look like the map of the routes on the ceiling, or from one side of a mezzanine as a subway train approaching, or from yet another side as a bus approaching!  Talk about holographic composition!

See John Bannon dot com

In this shot John is testing out a new accessory I had built for the JK, a drop trigger!  Based on a circuit from Radio Shack kit, when something blocks the beam of light from a little laser diode impinging on a photo-transistor, the ruby laser fires!  So we caught some dice in flight!

Dice in Flight!

Here's an Embarrassment of Riches, an environmental pulsed self-portrait with a ton of optical junk that I've accumulated, including a coherence length bar, a waffle iron, my first film Nikon, a 1000mm Aero-Ektar and my pal, the Rainbow Projecting Robot!

No #D version available

Who will be next?