About Us: The Home + Studio of E. Wesly & Sons’ mission is tobe able to pay the bills through hard work, including teaching jobs, consulting, holography, photography, kinetic sculpture, etc., with an emphasis on making the world a better place by Rainbow Projecting Glazing.

Rainbows all over the walls!

Here is the current Curriculum Vitae or resume for your perusal in Portable Document Format for downloading.

Tooting My Own Horn:  There was a saying when I worked at CFC/Northern Banknote that “You’d better pat your own self on your back as no one else here will do it for you!”  So here is a list of accomplishments and links to their details, backwards chronologically.

It's always great to see your name in print, especially if it's an acknowledgement of your scholarly input, and not as a perpetrator on the police blotter.  Here is the slightly edited acknowledgement page from Lost Museums by Brian Armstrong, thanking me for my assistance in preparing his chapter on the institution known as Museum of Holography/Chicago, prior to that the Fine Arts Research and Holographic Center, and originally Gallery 1134 (look at those digits upside down on your pocket calculator for a true estimation of what it was like working at that joint).


And the Table of Contents reveals a diverse collection of the rise and fall of eclectic institutions that once brought joy to their visitors but are no longer with us.  Each of Mr. Armstrong's well-researched and well-written stories are a joy to peruse, each a 10 to 15 minute witty excursion into eccentric individuals who had a mania for collecting something and wanted to share it with whoever was willing to pay the price of admission.  I am happy to have helped out a little bit.  So check out ISBN # 9798838883797 for a bit of fun!

Table of Contnets

Neat cover!

In the Summer of 2022 I again collaborated with John E. Bannon to build a 4 meter tall rainbow projecting pyramid for the Wicker Park Street Fest, however it was destroyed by a roving bunch of gangbangers! Details here.

Thank you wpbssa33!

The Winter of 2021/22 saw rainbows projected onto snow at Allerton Park in Monticello,Illinois for their anual Glow Festival with a 3 meter tall geodesic domw decked out with Holographic Optical Embellishments, my first collaboration with John E. Bannon, one of Chicago's greatest living artists! More details here.

No Eskimo had this!

During the Fall of 2018 and the Spring of 2019 semesters, I had the honor of consulting for Dr. Michael Kash, the Chairman of the Physics Department at Lake Forest College, and also to be a Senior Thesis Advisor for Zoe Darlington, whose project was the revamping and cataloging of the College's collection of holograms, to be displayed in the recently remodeled Dr. Tung Jeong Memorial Holography Hallway Gallery in the Lillard Science Center.

Long hallway

It was a trip down memory lane for me, looking at images familiar from when I worked at the College at the Summer Holography Workshops.  Plus there were those from an earlier era, like over 50 years ago, including some of the holograms from the 2 movies starring TJ, (Veterans' Administration, Encyclopedia Britannica) complete with the objects depicted in the hologram!  This link has some of my snapshots of the almost finished gallery in the summer of 2019, but this is an even better link describing the gallery, Zoe's thesis.

The gallery is open during school hours, contact the College for more details.

My biggest good deed for 2017 was to reunite the legendary Scintihologram with its creator, John Fairstein. Here it is reconstructed at the Home + Studio:

Lots of exploding rainbows!

For the back story, see John's web site. For the thrilling conclusion, see this here site.

Interviewed by Mark Diamond for his Internet Radio Show, Hocus Focus on Jolt Radio in a show that aired on August 7th, 2017, (Purple Heart Day according to my Commemorative Air Force Calendar).  Here is the archive of it.

Hocus Poke Us in the eye!

I helped Matthew Schreiber build an optical demonstration sculpture for the Frost Science Museum in Miami, Florida.  The image below shows Matt in a hard hat contemplating his magnum opus, downloaded from a New York Times article on the museum.  A few more pictures that I took during construction are here.

NY Times

Unfortunately if you get the urge to visit the museum to check out the piece you will be disappointed, as the artwork was on display for less than a month, being deemed by the powers that be as not interactive enough.

My role was to make sure that the demonstrations worked and specify and assemble them.

On behalf of the holographic community, I delivered an eulogy at the Tung Hon Jeong Memorial at Lake Forest College , on July 18th, 2015. A transcription of the talk derived from my note cards is here.

Shot ar FermiLab!

Being a child of the Space Race and the Cold War, I just had to present a paper at the Xth International Symposium on Display Holography, in St. Petersburg, the birthplace of holography in Russia.The published proceedings are still in press as of this posting (August 2017), so until they are available, an animated version of the paper is here.


I excavated the former Gallery 1134 from August 2014 to August 2015. Here is a Time Line compiled from documents unearthed there, and another Time Line related to the revival of that gallery, and this is a link to images from that dig.

Master of Ceremonies for Holo Rescue 1.0, a show of holograms from the collection of Gallery 1134, on December 4th, 2014.

From Chicago Reader.com

As a holographic and laser scholar I have few equals. My Laser Museum made the news! (January 2014) (If that link doesn't work, try here.)

A bunch of lasers

Fun to see your name in print!

I was a member of the team that took the first Plastic Camera Shot at the Edge of Space.  Just Google “Holga in the Stratosphere” or click here to check out the YouTube.  I assembled the electronics that fired the cameras at the apogee, just before I got word my full-time professor position was eliminated. (August 2013)

Earth from Space by way of a Holga

Hans Bjelkhagen gave a shout out to his peeps in the forward to his new book, Ultra-Realistic Imaging: Advanced Techniques in Analogue and Digital Colour Holography, (with David Brotherton-Ratcliffe) and I was fortunate enough to be included (June 2013)

Ultra Acknowledgement

I was awarded Summer Release Time in 2012 so that Harrington College of Design’s Digital Photography Department could have bragging rights to a History of Photographic Technology teacher that not only talks about and shows daguerreotypes but has even made them!  To make the plot all the more insane, when I was mad-rap pitching the plot to my boss to pick up the tuition, I sweetened up the deal by volunteering to drive out to Montana on my fly BMW R1100R to make a 19th century image of a 21st century machine! (August 2012)

Daguerreotype of a Motorcycle

Here is an Adobe Web Gallery of the fruits of the labor, the Daguerreotypes. This is a link to the full-blown Report I had to file as part of the time off deal.

I can only legally claim to have been a finalist in the Career Education Corporation Educator of the Year Competition for 2011, but if you read the other finalists’ descriptions I think you would concur that I really should have won! (May 2011)

Blurb from EOY booklet

The multi-talented English artists Michael Wenyon and Susan Gamble have produced works at the Home + Studio.  The first image that you encounter at their web site was shot here, and the Studio is credited at 4:01 in their video, A Universe Held Up For Inspection.  (November 2011)

My Final Project for a graduate school class at National Louis University, TIE 544, Curriculum Application of Multimedia Authoring, was on Eadweard Muybridge, Photographer, Father of the Motion Picture, Murderer.  This project so impressed my instructor, Craig Cunningham, that he sent it to Roger Wagner, the creator of the program, who used it as an example of what could be done with the program.  Here is a link to my deck of Hypercards, which you will have to unzip, then click on Muybridge 2b in the Stacks folder, plus you might have to download the free HyperStudio Player to watch it.  But it Is is worth it. (Summer 2010)

Muybridge HyperDeck

I was acknowledged in Hans Bjelkhagen's earlier magnum opus, Silver Halide Recording Materials for Holography and Their Processing. (January 1993)

Acknowledgement in Hans Bjelkhagen's weighty tome.

I was the narrator for the video "Lippmann Denisyuk Holography" produced by Hans Bjelkhagen. You can hear my improvised explanations in my nasal Chicago accent in front of the background music by Sun Ra and his Arkesta, including "Love in Outer Space" and "Song for Tree and Forest" from his compilation "Out There a MInute". (1993)

Who would have ever thought that this would ever make it to the Big Time?

It's not like having a cover photo on Time or Life, but Laser Focus World is not too shabby for a holographer/photographer's portfolio. The Beam Combining HOE featured in the "HOE for Holography" paper graced the cover of their July 1989 issue. Click here for a high res pdf of the cover if you so desire.

A true collector's item!

The toot at the top for my Laser Museum was not the first time I was in the Reader, Chicago's Free Weekly. Here I am in antiquity giving the Russian Lion Hologram a pair of the eye donkers a la the Three Stooges when I worked at Gallery 1134. (October 1980)

A young Ed Wesly giving a pair of the eye donkers to the Russian Lion hologram

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