About This Site

This Site is the fulfillment of a wish precipitated as a requirement for the Master of Education degree in the Technology in Education at National Louis University, Chicago, Illinois.  Viewers who know their way around html will recognize that it is constructed out of “frames”, which are not very sexy at the moment.  But as I was going through the lesson plan I got the frames approach to work and can understand their operation.  Maybe in the future I’ll figure out the template scheme before they fall into disfavor.  Or maybe frames will come back into vogue.

Inspirational Links:  A model for this site is Sam’s Laser FAQ’s, whose incredible scholarship on all things laser is unchallenged.  His site is very plain Jane vanilla html, with images opening in another window, for as he says “Sam's Laser FAQ is declared to be a fluff-free zone! There will be no unnecessary, superfluous, or useless graphics of any kind…”  However, I like looking at big images with some explanation with them, so I went for the slower download.

Acknowledgements:  A shout out goes to Craig Cunningham whose patience may have been stretched as part of this independent project; Dr. Tung Jeong (“TJ”) who showed me the light and gave me a literal ton(s) of stuff; and Joe Byrnes of the Harrington College of Design’s Digital Photography Department who let me borrow any and everything to do the digital legwork for this site. Plus as always Dirk Fletcher, Department Chair if the Digtial Photography Department at HCD who was the first College Administrator who was wise enough to hire me full-time!

More recently (2013) I would like to tip the hat to two of my colleagues at Harrington College of Design, Andy Hullinger, Department Chair of the Web Design Program, and Mindy Huestis, Adjunct Faculty in that department, for allowing me to sit in on their classes to capture a few more html tips.

September 2014: I have been adding quite a bit of stuff to the site and have been learning more code. Most of the framesest are gone, a few remain as it seems the easiest solution to the problem. There are quite a few Adobe Web Galleries, generated in Adobe Bridge, but they look like they fit in with the style of the html code so I run with them as it is more expedient for me to upload collections of images. Your browser may give some sort of Flash warning, just tell it OK, I'm not into hacking peoples's computers.

There are some pages that started life as a Microsoft Word document and imported into DreamWeaver. Even though I command the former to "Clean Up Word HTML" there is still an abundant amount of code bloat.