About This Lab

This is what is to be believed as to be the only functioning research grade holography studio in the City of Chicago.  The backbone of the operation are red, green and blue lasers combined and shaped to provide a white beam of laser light.  Thanks to the beam-shaping telescopes all the beams are the same width and can be focused onto a common pinhole.

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1 = Lasos Diode Pumped Solid Statel Laser, output = 200 mW @ 640 nm
2 = Coherent Compass 315M Laser, output = 100 mW @ 532 nm
3 = Melles Griot BLD-605 Laser, output = 200 mW @ 458 nm
4 = Red with Green Beamcombiner
5 = Blue with Red + Green Beamcombiner
6 = Beamshaping Telescope for Green beam
7 = Beamshaping Telescope for Blue beam
8 = Spatial filter for White output

Here is the reverse view, showing the white beam. No Photoshop trickery other than captioning consistent with the legend above.

White, white, white is the color of our output!
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Two "white beams" which were split from one with a polarizing beamsplitting cube are reunited with a beamcombiner to make a Mach-Zehnder interferometer.

Where else can you see this?
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1+ Spatial Filters
2 = Right angle turning mirror
3 = Beamcombiner

Here are the fringe, with all the primary and secondary colors represented.

Cross a Zone Plate with a Gradient...

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