Nancy Gorglione told Loren Billings that she would be happy if the local holographers were invited to her opening, and Loren replied "anyone except for Steve Smith and Ed Wesly!" Not a good club to be a member of!

I had attempted to visit the Gallery 1134 several times since I had left there, usually the door wouldn't open,but once Loren did answer and told me that she didn't appreciate what I had been writing about her institution, probably the letter to the editor of the New Art Examiner. But it was thanks to the intercession of Nancy G. that I was allowed back into the hallowed halls of Gallery 1134.

My wife at the time, Georgette, and I arrived, she resplendent in her Op Art mini skirt, digging the artwork, meeting and greeting. Georgette and I were hanging out by the trinket desk, and I noticed Bob was leering at her, wondering who was that gorgeous dish with Wesly. (For all her schizophrenic faults, she was gorgeous.)

I told her, in a stage whisper, "See that guy checking you out over there? That's that Bob asshole I told you about, and now he's even uglier without his beard!" He high-tailed it out of the room. I had been waiting almost 10 years to see him on the street so I could give him the finger, but this was more delicious.

Here are a couple of rollovers of the two different postcards celebrating the event, one for mailing, the other to be handed out at the opening.

The blurb

The postcard

And here they are as pdf's, for those who would like to print a nice original size copy.