The season opener of the new incarnation of Holo Rescue (Moshe's word) was off to a bang.  Get to his house, no video crew, "oh, didn't you get my text?  Hayden is still in the building, we had to call it off" Great.  So I drive downtown for nothing.

But it looks like he wants to buy me dinner, probably to pump my brain, but I have my own agenda with this dude.  So I go for it, and he tells me he's been dumpster diving in the 1134 one, but also admits to parking his car and keeping an eye on the place, plus following Haydon’s crew to where he is moving his business.  Creepy!

And I caught him in a few lies, did get to see where they might set things up at 1140 West Madison, nice space, almost too big, then we decide out check out the dumpster.  He's holding his cell phone over his head to shoot the inside, while I climb up the dumpster's ladder to show how a real holographer dumpster dives, and you guessed it, Hayden comes out to walk his dog!  Almost as bad as getting caught with the meat in your mouth.  Oh well!