Hans Bjelkhagen meets Loren Billings for the first time in over two decades!

"Hello, I'm Hans Bjelkhagen," said the gentlemen to the lady. "Who?" replied the lady. "Hans Bjelkhagen!" "I knew a Hans Bjelkhagen," was the second reply. "I'm Hans Bjelkhagen!" "Oh, Hans! So nice to see you! And I know you, you're Ed Wesly!" So I shook her hand and gave her a hug.

This was the first time that Hans had seen Loren after havng been castigated for having me as his personal assistant at first FermiLab and then Northwestern University. He had taught a Pulsed Ruby Laser Holography class, the first in the world if you can believe the postcard, and one on Holographic Interferometry. After that, all communication had been cut off, as Hans had allied himself with that evil Ed and even worse, the dreaded TJ!

Here are Loren and Hans in the holo gift shop under natural lighting (the flash didn't fire) and a better close up indoors. And thanks to a passerby, a picture of the 3 Stooges!

I knew you!

Over 20 years no see!

I had seen her in the '90's.

So it was a peaceable last meeting with Loren, who kept playing with her denture plate, a new idiosyncracy. And she couldn't get enough of my good-bye hugs, which were no fun for me, as she was very skeletal and I could feel her bones, which was as unsettling as petting a cat who's beyond their prime.